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Live Oakes Educational Theater

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Workshop & Residencies

The Hallmarks of our teaching are:

          Every student participates and becomes a self-confident, powerful communicator.

          Students never forget the content they learn through bringing the world and words of historical characters to life.

          Students learn to associate
disciplined learning with great fun!

          Drama integrated with your curriculum.

          We teach life-skills including self-discipline, confidence, public speaking, & responsibility.

          Masterful classroom management techniques

          Extensive script/research library for children.


    Living History:

Students use primary sources to select, research, and portray characters from any period (e.g., Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Renaissance, the Colonial Period, the Civil War, the Civil Rights Movement, etc.)

    Creative Drama:

Customized programs including Theater Games, Fairytale Theater, Scene Study, Voice and Movement, Play Performance. We have a selection of scripts for young actors drawn from history, myths, fairytales, and dramatic literature.

    Shakespeare for Kids:

Students learn about the Immortal Bards life and work through games and exercises, and perform edited versions of his classic plays.

    Literature Alive:

Students bring life to literary characters by performing scenes from books they are reading for class.