Live Oakes
Educational Theater

Live Oakes Educational Theater

369 Catalina Way

Vallejo, CA 94589


Phone: (707) 643-7819
or (415) 497-1715



To Order

To order an assembly, performance,
residency, or workshop, please submit the following information by email or phone

(707) 643-7819:




          phone & fax number

          e-mail address

          Your organizationís


          Address & mailing address

          Phone & fax number

          Title of show or type of residency

          Preferred time(s)

          Preferred and alternate date(s)

          # of seats (for ticketed events only)


We will contact you to confirm availability, and send a contract as soon as possible.


Thank you for booking a quality program with Live Oakes Educational Theater.


We look forward to playing with the past!