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Show Descriptions

Grade Level: All shows can be performed appropriately for grades
3-6, 7-12, or adults. Shows marked K-adult are also suitable for lower grades.

Format: Our living-history shows fall into one of two formats: scripted, or un-scripted chautauqua. The scripted shows weave together many historic characters.  The chautauquas are an interactive visit with a major historical figure, with a few added insights from contemporaries.

Show Length: Shows run from 45-60 minutes. Please schedule extra time if you would like a Q & A session.


Click on a title below for a full description.


Scripted Shows

           A Christmas Carol (K-adult) - New for the Holidays!

Dickens' haunting holiday classic, complete with sing-along carols, student and staff actors, ghosts, and Tiny Tim. "God Bless us, everyone!"

           Ancient Greece & Rome

An interactive show with evocative sets, authentic costumes, a Greek game show, and a Roman Rap!

           The Complete Condensed History of California

A mosaic of voices from Native Americans to Hippies.

           Coyote Tales (K-adult)

Mythical tales of 'the trickster' from many tribal traditions.

           Darwin: Evolution of a Biologist - New for 2009-2010!

The life and work of groundbreaking British naturalist Charles Darwin.

           From Colonies to Country (K-adult)

A colonial quilt of diaries, documents, letters, and songs.

           I Have A Dream: Dr. King & The Civil Rights Movement (K-adult)

A rousing musical history of the man and the movement.

           In the Wake of Gold

A maritime voyage through Gold Rush California, with links to science, U.S., & World history.


Chautauqua Interactive Living-History Portrayals

           The Call of the Wild: the Life of Jack London

A dynamic portrayal of this revolutionary writer.

           Leonardo Da Vinci: Renaissance Man

Renaissance Italy through the eyes of the Master.

           Muir of the Mountains (K-adult)

Inspiring adventures of the 'Father of our National Parks.'

           Shakespeare: Live!

Entertaining, accessible portrait of the 'Prince of Players.'