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I Have a Dream

Show Descriptions

"The best assembly in 39 years of teaching! The kids were spellbound, singing and clapping. They loved it! Beautiful voices! You had us in tears but it was funny too! History the kids could understand and appreciate. Educational and moving. Masterful!"
  - Teachers at Highlands, 
    Donaldson, and Frontier

This rousing musical show tells the
inspiring story of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement. Students, and even teachers, have parts in the play.

The audience sings along to the familiar gospel tunes that became anthems of ‘the Movement’ including This Train is Bound for Glory and We Shall Overcome.  We also meet Gandhi and Thoreau who influenced Dr. King's non-violent struggle.  Next we explore the far-reaching impact of the Civil Rights Movement on Caesar Chavez, Women's Lib, and the Environmental Movement.

The talented cast leads a historical ‘revival meeting’ which has audiences dancing in the aisles as we keep Marchin’ to the Freedom Land

(A 1-hour pre-show rehearsal workshop for 8 students and a useful Study Guide is included for school shows.)

Dr. King, & the Civil Rights Movement

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