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Live Oakes Educational Theater

369 Catalina Way

Vallejo, CA 94589


Phone: (707) 643-7819
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Stellar Reviews from Happy Campers

Kid’s Comments

“Mr. Oakes, Thank you for helping us with everything.  You are my hero.  Teachers like you come once in a lifetime.”   -Katie, 4th grade, Lu Sutton Elementary


“I liked it when I was with you and I was not frightened on stage.  -Sean McKee, age 7


“Thank you for teaching me to talk loud.”  -Maggie, 2nd grade


“Thank you because now I am not scared to speak on a stage in front of people.”  -Dustin, 4th grade


“Marvelous. Rad. Oak. Actor. King. like Elvis. Super Cool!” -an anonymous admirer spelling out ‘MR.OAKES’

“Thank you for teaching us how to do our stretches, our games, and how to act.” -Oscar, 4th grade

“Once upon a time there was a man named Michal Oaks. He came to teach drama for ten weeks. Then he had to leave. ‘Everyone will miss you!’ everybody said. But they performed, and they performed perfectly!  “It was all Mr. Oakes training that helped us.”  Everyone was convinced he did it!”  -4th grader

Parents’ and Teachers’ Accolades

“Thank you for the incredible theatre experience you provided for my son. He will never forget it.  I feel so lucky he could partake in your great talent as an actor and a teacher.” -Alison Quoyeser, Parent and Teacher

“The kids have just been transformed by working with Michael; not just as performers, but as people.”
        -Jack Butler, 8th grade Teacher


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