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Show Descriptions

This interactive whirlwind tour of state history combines fact with farce to create a fun and informative overview of California’s colorful past. Drawing from letters, diaries, songs, and first-hand accounts, we piece together a memorable mosaic of historical voices and viewpoints.

Beginning with the Native Californians, we visit early explorers by land and sea,
the Mission Era, the Gold Rush, Asian
immigrants, the Barbary Coast, the Great Quake, the Beats, Hippies, Yuppies, and Whew!
Highlights include a 25’ long Golden Gate Bridge, a one minute hysterical historical synopsis, and the audience donning wigs and hats for “Whose Time-Line is it Anyway?” The theme of this fast-paced ‘Biography of the Golden State’  is that California’s diversity gives us our resiliency. Study guide included.

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"A tour-de-force! Better than Beach Blanket Babylon!

"Thoroughly enjoyable and marvelously entertaining.  Made me laugh out loud!"

"Virtuoso enactment, incomparable degree of professionalism, meticulous research, high energy delivery, and resonance with your audience!"

The Complete Condensed History of California