Live Oakes
Educational Theater

Live Oakes Educational Theater

369 Catalina Way

Vallejo, CA 94589


Phone: (707) 643-7819
or (415) 497-1715




"Excellent! Definitely recommended.  What a great way for kids to learn history.  It really enhanced my curriculum."

       -Caryl Mastros,

        Yokayo Elementary School


“Live Oakes provides a compelling re-creation of a world view far different from our own.”

       -Dr. Tom Layton,
       Chairman of Anthropology

       San Jose State University


“A skillful portrayal. The kids found it very interesting and wanted it to go on!  They had a visceral reaction.”

     -Linda Poya, Teacher

      Ukiah High School ool


“Michael Oakes is a born teacher. The children learn skills they will use all their lives. They learn to be better people, not just better actors.”

-Lynda Storek, Principal

 Kent Middle School


“Your performances are awesome!  Not only are you professional actors who can hold an audience, you do the research necessary to really bring history to life.”

-Sue Schmidt,

 Volunteer Coordinator,

 San Francisco Maritime
 National Historic Park


“I appreciate how Michael adapts creatively to a variety of audiences, from kids to older adults, engaging them in challenging conversation. A performance not to be missed!”

      -Mark Rawitsch, Director

       Mendocino College Community



Awards & Accolades

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