Live Oakes
Educational Theater

Live Oakes Educational Theater

369 Catalina Way

Vallejo, CA 94589


Phone: (707) 643-7819
or (415) 497-1715




“This artist is highly motivated and the kids really respond to him; they were able to take pride in doing research and became great speakers. It helped elaborate my curriculum.”
                   -Lori Brickwood, 5th grade teacher

“Parents were awestruck by the quality of their children’s play. The students learned about civil rights, history, and the making of a play. Beyond that, they all felt proud and valued.”
               -Suzanne Calmels, 3rd grade teacher

“The kids have just been transformed by working with Michael; not just as performers, but as people.”
                        -Jack Butler, 8th grade teacher

“We told him our curriculum and he used a play that tied right in. Couldn’t have been more perfect! The children became so involved. It surpassed my expectations.”
                       -Wendy Palk, 5th grade teacher

“Michael teaches some very good strategies that carry over into other parts of the curriculum.”
            -Beth Bates-Stokes, 2nd grade teacher

“The program met and exceeded my expectations. I would certainly recommend this artist. He quickly adapted to handle typical problems with teaching children, had a good, easy-to-maintain discipline plan, was consistent, and always kind. He made directing seem easy. The results are always surprising in some way; the shy, introverted, or even disturbed children are sometimes the stars.”
                  -Roxanne Foster, 4th grade teacher

“Great energy, strong presence—very active! Knowledgeable about history, has fun; an excellent drama.”
                           -Mo Noyer, 5th grade teacher


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