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Show Descriptions

  The 'father of our National Parks' and founder of the Sierra Club brings exuberant life to his own poetic prose. We follow the pioneering conservationist from his boyhood in Scotland, his immigration to the New World, his severe homestead upbringing, and his years in Martinez farming, writing, and rambling.

  Muir inspires students with his inventive genius, his love of learning, and his life-long wilderness wandering. From his hair-raising Alaskan adventures with Stickeen to his Yosemite camp-out with Theodore Roosevelt, John Muir's stories celebrate the natural world and trace the roots of the American conservation movement.

  Actor/scholar Michael Oakes earned his master’s degree in Conservation Biology from Muir's alma mater, the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Avid backpackers, Michael and Renee Oakes have followed Muir’s footsteps from the forests of Wis-consin, through the mountains of the Sierra Nevada, to the glaciers of Alaska. Their interpretation blends a respect for science with a reverence for the wild.

  Awards & Accolades

Awards & Accolades

Muir of the Mountains
“We travel the Milky Way together, trees and men.”

John Muir

“Inspirational. That was great! The kids were riveted, and so were the teachers!"


      Cayucos School