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Show Descriptions

Actor/scholar Michael Oakes portrays author F. Scott Fitzgerald, combining his true life struggles with those of his most celebrated hero.

Both Gatsby and his creator were working class youth who fell for the belle of the ball, and spent their brief manhoods trying to win her through success. Once gained, the prize proved unworthy of the quest, and drink drowned the sober reality. Both the author and his protagonist became icons of what he dubbed “The Jazz Age.” Spending the heady roaring 20’s in Gay Paris, Scott and Zelda were emblematic of their age, leading a fast life of parties and booze. The budding writer was befriended by other expats, notably Earnest Hemingway, who despised Zelda, said she was insane and soaking Fitzgerald with drink to ruin his writing, which proved prescient.
Exuberance and excess led to depression and decay, for the unhappy couple and the country.  

This portrayal combines dramatic readings from the masterpiece, unheralded in his lifetime, along with an incisive look at the man behind the book.


  Awards & Accolades

Awards & Accolades

The Great Gatsby


“So we beat our boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.”



     –  The last line of The Great Gatsby adorns the Fitzgeralds’ gravestone.