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Show Descriptions

For Native Americans throughout the West Coyote stories are a favorite. This trickster and transformer is the ultimate anti-hero, teaching painfully funny lessons on how not to behave, and sometimes learning them.

Coyote is an irresistible model of our
human foibles of pride and self-importance. In the words of a Chemehuevis elder, “We follow Coyote because he embodies all the human traits: laziness and frantic exertion; foolishness and skillful planning; selfishness and concern for others. He is the incomplete and the imperfect. Coyote has fun, and it is fun to hear about him and his exploits.” 

We have collected stories from many tribal traditions from Miwok to Navajo to Salish. Using costumes, masks and music we involve the kids and transport them to a mythical time when animals could talk, and humans could understand.


  Awards & Accolades

Awards & Accolades

Coyote Tales

Coyote and snake

"That is the best performance I've seen at school in 16 years of teaching!"


      - Donna Seaman,

      Prairie Elementary