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Show Descriptions

  The culture, contributions, and mythology of these two early civilizations is presented in a lively interactive show with an evocative set and period costumes.

  Accessible excerpts from the great philo-sophers and playwrights are combined with humorous accounts of the follies and foibles of the gods. This is an entertaining intro-duction to the words of Homer, Plato, Virgil, and Plutarch. In a sweeping historical pastiche, we follow the rise and fall of mighty empires and emperors from Agamemnon of Mycenae to Alexander of Greece,  Xerxes  of Persia and Cleopatra of Egypt, from the early Etruscans and Caesars of Rome to Con-stantine and the Byzantine Empire.

  Actor/scholars Michael and Renee Oakes traveled throughout the ancient world to unearth the stories, details, and fascinating facts which bring these  seminal civilizations to life. Students become contestants in “Whose Time-Line is it Anyway?” and help wrap-up the show with a rollicking “Rap of Greece and Rome.” 

  A useful Study Guide helps students understand the ubiquitous influence of these cultural Titans and why, in so many ways, we are all Greeks and Romans.

  (A 1-hour pre-show rehearsal for up to 20 students is included for school shows.)


 Awards & Accolades

Awards & Accolades

Ancient Greece & Rome Text Box: “All that stands is Roman, all that moves is Greek.”

"The kids really seemed to be enjoying themselves. We may have to make this an annual event. It fits so well in our curriculum."


  - Ken Griest,
     Carmel Middle School